VISIA Facial Skin Analysis


Notice the picture to the left is that of our VISIA system which performs a computerized digital skin analysis using ultraviolet & polarized light to check the health and disease states of your facial skin. It then compares your results (Age & Sun Spots, Wrinkles, Spider Veins, UV Damage, Blocked Pores, Redness, & Texture/Roughness) to thousands of people your age, your sex, and your ethnicity.  Frequently, this state-of-the-art facial skin analysis reveals rather shocking hidden treasures on, and beneath, the surface of your skin. Could you experience a 10 out of 10 “Reality Check” on the “WOW” scale when the doctor shows you your results?

If you are someone who is serious about rejuvenating your facial skin and recapturing some of your youthful appearance, a VISIA skin analysis helps to better understand what issues may need to be placed higher on the priority Visiatreatment list and allow us at Youthful Endeavors to make better and more educated recommendations for you.  This $145 analysis takes less than 10 minutes and includes a detailed review by the doctor of your personal results along with a computer simulation picture of the changes that possibly will/can occur over the next 3 to 5 years. You can schedule to have this VISIA analysis as part of your initial visit or you may chose to wait and see if you are a candidate to receive it for free if you are contemplating undergoing any laser procedure, a series of IPL photo-facials, or that once-in-a-lifetime “out of the park” Makeover.